With the help of my friend Ed and his wife Samantha, I got my deck and fence painted last weekend.  This was a bear of a job, but Ed's paint sprayer made quick work of it.
Unfortunately, Saturday would up being the hottest day of the year thus far, a whopping 96°s!
Drank lots of water and was really beat by the time we ran out of paint!
The hardest part was pulling back all of Elly's roses so Ed could spray the fence behind them.  Did I ever tell you how much I hate roses, especially their thorns!  I do have to admit, this being the first week of April, her roses are coming out in full bloom, and they are very colorful.
We went out to dinner with our neighbors on Thursday.  We had pizza & beer.  Doesn't get much better.  Then on Friday, me & Elly, Terra & Jason and PJ, his mom Gloria & Lorin all went to Saltgrass Steak house.  Yep, there goes my diet.  I ordered a couple of "Corona-ritas".  They are Margheritas in a fishbowl, with a bottle of Corona upside down inside the glass as well.  So as you drink your Margherita, it slowly turns into a cold beer.  Me-likey!!  I can't wait to develop my own San Mig-eritas in the Philippines.


07/27/2012 7:27am

A lot of the historical landmarks in Bataan offer a glimpse of the war era of the country like the fabled island of Corregidor and the Shrine of Valor in the town of Pilar.


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