I had my fathers remains interned at the Columbarium at Fort Sam Houston on Monday.My dad was a veteran of WWII, he was part of the Coastal Artillery Command at Fort Davis, NC, so he never saw any action overseas.  He was a good, kind and gentle soul who would never hurt anyone.
I want to thank The Department of Veterans Affairs, along with Fort Sam Houston Cemetery.  They supplied an honor gurad who performed a 21-gun salute, and a bugler to play taps before my dad was interned.  I really did not expect this, and I know dad would be very appeciative and honored by this small but respectful ceremony.
Elly cried so hard, she and my dad were "Bingo buddies".  She placed a bingo marker and a troll-doll in the columbarium with his remains.  I gotta be honest, the troll doll would freak me out!  Don't let her do that when I kick the bucket!
Elly also commented on how beautiful the cemetery was maintained, but was in awe of the vastness of it.  Even though I took her to Arlington National Cemetery back in the mid eighties.  I told her their were two US cemeteries in the Philippines, one in Manila, and another not far from our home in Bataan, at the old Clark AFB.  Unfortunately, the Cemetery at Clark was left off of the list of VA cemeteries overseas and is not being maintained by either the US or the Philippine goverments.  I believe the local Angeles City VFW and an American Firm based in Kuwait fund and maintain the cemetery until Congress and get their priorities straight and right a wrong. It took them almost 100 years to stop Concurrent Receipt, so I won't hold my breath!


The province is located in the Central region of the island of Luzon and just a few hours away from Metro Manila.


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