I DID NOT want to get up at 6:30 this morning to put up signs for our garage sale.  It was Saturday, my turn to stay in bed until late.  Very late.  But NOOOOOOOOOO, My Funny Little Honey made me get up and get started.
Before I could light up my first Backwoods, my first customer arived.  ¿Tiene las herramientas eléctricas?  Huh?, oh, si! I wound up selling about $50 in tools. Not bad for 7:15 in the morning. Wound up making about $2,000, mainly from a $900 dining room set and a $300 curio cabinet.

I am glad it's over with. Sitting in a lawn chair and saying "fifteen dalla" all day sure is tireing.

The house looks pretty empty now, but I still have more packing to do and more items to sell on Craigslist.
I spoke with my old friend Bill morning, he and his wife Ruby are also moving to the Philippines.  They'll  be there in April.  Elly's nephews Ricky and Lito will pick them up at the airport in Manila and take them to their home in Olongapo.


07/14/2012 12:31pm

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