Elly, my funny little honey and I spoke about retiring in the Philippines for quite some time now.  We visited her family in Dinalupihan, Bataan back in December 2009 and spent Christmas there.  We both had such a wonderful time we went and purchased a house and lot in Pita, Dinalupihan on Bataan Paninsula, only 20 minutes from where my wifes family lives.
We actually found a beautiful 4 bedroom home on a large lot with papaya trees, coconut trees, and even a calamansi  (small lime) tree.  Since we were not reasdy to make the move, we worked out a deal with my wifes nephew Lito, his wife Babae, and their three angels, Angelou, Angelina, and Angelica, or as I call them, Isa, Dalawa, and Tatlo! (that's 1, 2, and 3).  Lito and his family have been taking care of the place and my wife and I have spend 3 weeks there each year, but all that ends on May 2, 2012, when we will move in to our home in Bataan.


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