They made me an offer, I couldn't refuse!!  I went back to work.  I took a position in Hawaii with my old company, SecureInfo Corporation.  I left  Elly and Lea in the Philippines on February 25th, and have been in  Hawaii on an  Army contract.  I can make some money, then I can go  back to my funny little honey and retired life.

It is already November, and have not started work yet while a certain 3 letter agency is doing a background investigation on my lackluster past and my in-laws.  I am getting paid though.

It's been one year since Elly, Lea and me packed up and moved to the Philippines.  A lot has changed since then.

A Monsoon hit us in August, devastating Dinalupihan, in fact President Aquino flew out here and declared it a "Calamity Zone".  We helped as much as we could.  Since we had a generator, we charged over 150 cell phones for not only our barangay, but for people in the surrounding barangays as well.  Elly also walked around and passed out rice, coffee and other food supplies to the neighbors.

We had most of the house completed by Christmas,  which was nice. 
I got to play Santa again for the Methodist Church, and we also passed out food packages to over 100 people in the barangay.

We had a few BBQ's here at the house, it was very relaxing  sleeping without all the dust and noise from chipping tiles and concrete. 
Peace at last... oh wait!

In late April, Elly was diagnosed with breast cancer  and had to have a mastectomy.  Luckily, I am working and able to pay  the medical bills since TRICARE Overseas does not seem to give a shit about any  of our claims.
Elly is holding up like a little trooper, and  thank God for her family and friends being there when I couldn't.  I talk to her  everyday either on our cellphones of on Yahoo Messenger.  I want to  bring her out here to Hawaii, hopefully we can not only be together again, but  get better health care, even though it's provided by the military.


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